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Our Mission

"Help you to efficiently design and develop applications that will determine the best actions for your business and will help you make the best decisions"



A software library to model and solve optimization problems

Either in shipping, retail, education, healthcare, financial services, etc., there is always a process that can be optimized.

Emma is a software library that is used to model business processes and to find solutions that improve your current process plan.

Our main technology is called Constraint Programming, and Emma is designed to efficiently solve Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSP) using your deep knowledge of the business and our experience and understanding of CSP's in the industry.

Emma comes with more than 60 predefined constraints and it is easy to create new constraints extending the library. It also have support for objective functions, search strategies and more.

We know that improving an existing process is generally a complex task, and because of that, we've designed Emma to ease the development of new strategies to improve processes. A CSP formulation of a process gives you, or the consultant, the opportunity to forget about the requirements of the process, and focus on designing a search strategy to find the best possible solutions.


We've published the user manual so that you can learn how to use the product.

We've also published the pydoc pages so that you can browse the API and read the technical documentation of the library.

Supported Platforms

Emma is distributed as a pure Python package, meaning that it doesn't contains any native code. Because of this, Emma is portable to any platform where Python runs.

The product is written in Python 3.x, and currently, Python 3 runs on Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Unix, Windows and others. Check the Python web page for details of the platforms where you can run Python 3.x, and therefore, Emma.


If you need more information, contact our information or sales departments.

For pricing information read our price list.

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